Templar estate management - subsoil and technological development

According to the information in the 1185 Inquest in England the Templars seem to have chosen the location of their holdings in Lincolnshire with care. Geology was important, also as the basis for technological development such as water- and (later) windmills. 

2022 International OSMTJ Knights Templar Convent in Portugal

Video of the "2022 International OSMTJ Knights Templar Covent from October. Hosted by Grand Prior Luciano Fernandes of Portugal, with knights attending from all over Europe, USA and the world. Also attending was the rightful Grand Master of the OSMTJ, Ronald S Mangum, and our Royal Patron, Prince Radziwill. Please enjoy this beautiful presentation of these events, both formal and informal."


English Templar estates - origin and sources

"Templar scholars have tended to concentrate on the military aspects of the Order rather than the extent and organisation of their estates in England. Conversely, students of medieval agriculture have concentrated on the records of secular and ecclesiastical estates other than those of the Templars. The Templar estates have fallen between two stools." Until recently.