Building Chartres Cathedral - a laboratory with Templates, String, and Geometry

"The construction of the Gothic cathedrals, such as Chartres, poses a number of questions. As a consequence of their presuppositions about distinctions between science and technology and the nature of theory and practice, many authors answer these questions in a way that makes the process seem mysterious and radically different from "modern" construction and design. What are the facts?

Disease in the Near East during crusader times

"The study of disease in the past, termed paleopathology, can involve the analysis of human skeletal remains, mummies, latrine soil, artwork, excavated medical equipment and written texts. In the areas of the Near East where the crusades took place from 1099-1291, the human skeletal remains and latrines at a number of sites have been studied for evidence of disease." What were the findings? 

Papal bulls on Templar matters

Between September and November 2022 Diego Wesley Nogueira published a series of three posts in Portugese on the Facebook Group UNIVERSO TEMPLÁRIO SMOTH-MIT listing Papal Bulls pertaining to the Knights Templar. These lists surpass in length the list of seven Papal Bulls given below, which are usually mentioned in the context of the Templars, although longer lists exist also:

  • Omne Datum Optimum (1139)
  • Milites Templi (1144)
  • Militia Dei (1145)
  • Pastoralis Praeeminentiae (1307)
  • Faciens Misericordiam (1308)
  • Ad Providam (1312)
  • Vox In Excelso (1312)

Diego Wesley Nogueira provides no sources, so the validity of the lists cannot be verified. However, the sheer length of the lists suggests ample research. Thus further distribution of the lists is thought justified as the data might be of interest to specialised researchers who can confirm of falsify the suggestion of their comprehensiveness.

The three complete lists, published in Portugese on Facebook on different dates, are presented below in their automatically generated English translation, as provided bij Facebook. Obviously the automatic translation contains errors but is presented here as is. The original posts in Portugese can be reached following the links provided. TemplarsNow fully acknowledges the work of Diego Wesley Nogueira and only republishes in order to promote further distribution of these interesting lists.

The Templar house at Feuilloux - a commandery for sale

Not often a Templar commandery is for sale. Therefore the putting up for sale of the House of the Temple at Feuilloux, Nièvre (58), France deserves some attention.