Historical Knights Templar - multicultural by character

The recent events in Norway are extremely disturbing in their own right. But it should not go unnoticed that the historic order of the Knights Templar has been once again grossly misunderstood and misrepresented. The issue is very complex, of course, and the history of the Crusades will forever remain a subject of debates. It is very important to remember, however, that if someone were to pick a symbol of anti-multiculturalism, choosing the Knights Templar is simply ridiculous. In fact, you'd be better off blaming these knights for being the original multiculturalists! Here is one excellent tidbit of history to illustrate this point.

Usama ibn Munqidh, Amir of Shaizar (1095–1188) included an interesting story in his autobiographical "Book of Instruction with illustrations" which can be found in Francesco Gabrieli's "Arab Historians of the Crusades", p.48 of the English translation published by Routledge in 2010. Usama relates how, while being in Jerusalem, he used to go to the al-Aqsa mosque, which was controlled by the Templars who were his "friends." They would always provide a small room for Usama's prayers. One day, as he began to pray, a Frank grabbed him and turned him to face east, adding "That is the way to pray!" (Muslims, of course, turn in the direction of the Kaaba). Several Templars immediately interfered and Usama was able to proceed with his prayers. As soon as they stopped monitoring the Frankish intruder, he once again forcefully turned the Muslim around. At this time, the Templars took the Frank away and apologized to Usama, explaining that the man had just arrived today and was unfamiliar with the customs of Islam.

I would like to point out that Usama is telling this story in order to illustrate "Frankish barbarism," so from a historian's point of view this account gains credibility when it comes to assessing the degree of tolerance displayed by the Templars.

 source: www.knightstemplarvault.com

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Many sites on Templars in France (Templiers en France) can be found on the internet, especially ones that mix scrupulously truth and myth, sence and nonsense, fact and fabrication. Such sites will not be mentioned on this blog.
At the same time I have realized that, although France does not really belong to the area covered by this site, the influence of French Templars did -and still does-  expand north of the actual French territory.
So I have come to realize that certain French sites deserve and even need to be presented here. Simply because, to my humble opinion, they have special importance for getting to know better the true history of Knights Templar in north-western Europe, as well as understand better the continuing precense of their footprint today and its meaning for modern man.

Therefore, after ample consideration, I have added a special page on France.
May it grow and be relevant to all seeking the truth about the meaning of the Knights Templar.

October 13 - Templar Anniversary

 "This date in Templar history - the 13th of October is the day, in the year 1307, that the arrests of this great Order began. The arrest and the subsequent trials, based on false charges as was recently admitted by the Vatican, lead to the deaths of many noble Knights Templar. Amongst them the last Grand Master, Jacques de Molay.

Dr Karen Ralls, medieval historian and curator consultant (Oxford, England), and Trustee, Templar Heritage Trust UK offers a short historical 'statement' about Grand Master de Molay. "

read further on www.osmth.org; illustration source (FairUse intended)

Après l'exposition "Champagne !", place aux "Templiers"

Avec 23 360 visiteurs, l'exposition « Champagne ! Trois siècles d'histoire », a rempli sa mission. Place, l'an prochain, à une exposition sur les Templiers

L'exposition estivale sur le champagne a non seulement célébré le centenaire de la révolte des vignerons mais elle a également imposé l'Hôtel-Dieu et les expositions du conseil général de l'Aube comme un rendez-vous culturel incontournable de l'été aubois. Après Archives et vitrail, en 2009 (17 000 visiteurs), Topinambours et rutabagas (2010, 12 000 visiteurs), Champagne ! marque une étape décisive.

source www.lest-ecalir.fr