Geoffrey de Saint-Omer - co-founder of the Templar Order

According to William of Tyre, Geoffrey de Saint-Omer ("Gaufrede de Sancto Aldemarlo") was among the first knights of the military and religious order of the Poor Knights of Christ and the Temple of Salomon, later to be known as the Knights Templar, with Hugues de Payns. What do we know of his life and that of his family?  

7 New Google maps of French Templar sites added

TemplarsNow is still working on its mapping project, aimed at pinpointing the geographical location of major and in many departments also minor Templar sites in France on modern Google-maps. Recently 7 new departmements in Northern France were added: Ardennes, Aisne, Marne, Nord, Oise, Pas de Calais and Somme. Check them out!

Templar liturgy and pastoral work in the Middle Ages

"Templar assets, including liturgical books, instruments and garments, but also all other writings which the Templars had possessed or produced, dispersed widely and were absorbed into the treasuries and sacristies of laymen and ecclesiastics after the disintegration of the Order around 1312. Only few religious books once pertaining to the Order have as yet been discovered. They shed light on the question whether or not the Templars used a uniform liturgy and what they used it for. (...)

Templar provincial chapters in medieval times

"Most general and regional studies of the Templars contain little comment on provincial chapters. This is hardly surprising. Although they probably began to be held by the middle years of the twelfth century, for most of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries the surviving sources provide only occasional references to provincial chapters. The section in the order’s regulations on the holding of chapters is concerned mainly with their function as chapters of faults, and makes no specific comment about provincial assemblies. What is known?

Where was the first Templar Church on Temple Mount?

In about 1120 King Baldwin II decided to lend his palace at what now is called the Al-Acsa Mosque, temporarily to the juvenil Templar Order. Its Primitive Rule (after 1129, TN) implies that their compound at the palace, after having come into Templar hands, would have comprised a refectory, a chapel or church, a chapter house, and an infirmary. Where was in the early days that church?

Nine Templar founders - fact or fiction?

One of the myths that the Templars told about their own beginning was that for the first nine years there were only nine knights. This is first mentioned in William of Tyre but was often repeated by later chroniclers who learned it from the Templars of their own time. Fiction or fact?

Underground cisterns at Temple Mount, Jerusalem

The immense consumption of water at the Temple sanctuary required the development of a complex water system on the elevated Temple Mount. How was this arranged?

Climate in the Levant during Crusader times

How as the climate in the Levant during Crusader times? The many chronicals and travel reports shed some light on this.