Geoffrey de Saint-Omer - co-founder of the Templar Order

According to William of Tyre, Geoffrey de Saint-Omer ("Gaufrede de Sancto Aldemarlo") was among the first knights of the military and religious order of the Poor Knights of Christ and the Temple of Salomon, later to be known as the Knights Templar, with Hugues de Payns. What do we know of his life and that of his family?  

7 New Google maps of French Templar sites added

TemplarsNow is still working on its mapping project, aimed at pinpointing the geographical location of major and in many departments also minor Templar sites in France on modern Google-maps. Recently 7 new departmements in Northern France were added: Ardennes, Aisne, Marne, Nord, Oise, Pas de Calais and Somme. Check them out!