In his book on the Knights Templar *) Jan Hosten lists many sites of (former) commanderies, Templar houses and farms, and smaller possessions such as lands or rights in Belgium, Luxemburg and northern France. The locations mentioned in the book are summarized on this Google Map.

*) Jan Hosten 2006: De tempeliers - de tempelorde tijdens de kruistochten en in de Lage Landen" (in Dutch, translation title: The Knights Templar - the Order of the Temple during the crusades and in the Low Lands);ISBN-13 978-90-430-1061-0; Publ Pearson Education Benelux, Amsterdam

French Wikipedia contains a list of Templar Commanderies Wallonie (French speaking Belgium) and the following map:

 L'Ordre du Temple en Belgique
Commanderies in Belgium
Commanderies aux Pays-Bas 1148
Autour des flaches "Sür les pas des Tenpliers" - circuit pédestre

Tempelier van Sint-Jan - a website ( in Dutch) by "Templar of Saint John"

Waalse Gemeenschap op zoek naar de Schat van de Tempeliers
De schat van Wallonië


Chapitre Magistral 25 Avril 2009 a Bilzen, La Belgique