The "Association Historique du Temple de Paris"

40 Rue des Blancs Manteaux
75004 Paris
Tél . +33 1 30 70 00 52

In Paris, France an association exists called L'Association Historique du Temple de Paris. This is an independent association under French law that does not receive any subsidies. The objective of the association is:

  • to establish in a general way the historical and heritage of the Temple district in Paris District (3rd Arrondissement) through the history of the Temple and of the life of the Knights Templar
  • Combining efforts to disseminate publications by supporting writers in a joint action towards booksellers, local groups and the general public
  • Organizing events such as exhibitions, lectures, tours, interventions in educational institutions, entertainment etc
  • Establishing a strategy on communication, information and promotion,in partnership with local communities.
  • Contributing to the cultural,historical and tourist development of the area of the Temple.
The work of the Association is undertaken in a totally selfless spirit and for the cultural enrichment of all.

The website of the Association, which appears a bit outdated and undermanaged at the moment (May 2021), holds interesting information on events of all sorts, results of research undertaken at the Temple district as well as research carried out in the subterranean caves below the old town. The most important remains of Paris are to be found below ground, in the cellars of the houses that add up to many thousands. The research project is carried out by Danny Sandron, Director of the Centre André Chastel, in partnership with the Paris Department of History of Architecture and Archaeology, The Heritage Service and Inventory of the Regional Council of Ile de France and the Center of Parisian topography. 

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