A Comparison of the Cistercian and Knights Templar Orders

The Cistercian Order is often seen as the religious main precursor and mentor of the Order of the Knights Templar. Was that established through structure or ideology? And what was the role of Bernard of Clairvaux?
According to primary sources, there are many similarities in ideology in both Orders, but that this is not the many influence of the Cistercians upon the Templars. Authenticating the Order with the Roman Catholic Church and the Templar Order’s structure appear to be the most influential impacts that the Cistercians have, and it is through these that the Knights Templar managed to gain support and grow at an exponential rate.

St Bernard’s personal impact was to bring the Templars into the mainstream thinking of the Church by tying them to traditional routes rather than portraying the Order as an innovation. Bernard’s support of the Order in turn led to widespread support in Europe that no other supporter could have provided for the Knights Templar.

This blog quotes from the Introduction to the Thesis of Lori Firth, Hull University (2012):  "A Comparison of the Cistercian and Knights Templar Orders, And the Personal Influence of Bernard of Clairvaux". Illustration source

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