The Lament of the Templars

It was in May that I was knighted
In the Commandery of Montigny d'Allier
On this clear day my joy could not be compared
But to that of lovers who have their hearts filled

When I received the immaculate cloak from the Order
Marked with the red cross, on the embroidered shoulder
The Grand Master, here, deigned to speak to me
"Be faithful and ardent because you are Templar"

Since on land and sea we waged war
All over the desert under the golden sky
Cursed Sarrasins I made myself to know
Like a real knight alone deserves to be

How many missions undertaken to the end
How many engagements which the enemy dismay
By the iron of my spear and the holy Beauceant,
From Syria to Provence, I served Christianity!

But today finally here am I lying
In fresh straw where I hear chanting
Up there in the chapel is the office of the dead
Courage, God calls you, you arrive at the port.

O distant Champagne country of my ancestors
I missed your cloudy sky a little
Under the blue firmament and the starry sky
which we see all year round at Crack des Chevalliers

On my honour, Lord, I have sworn you my faith,
I give you my heart pure and sword without task
I fought for You without rest or relaxation,
I give You back my sword my harness

Lord God protect this country which is Yours
You used to walk there followed by Your apostles
I hiked its roads and followed its paths
I probably rode where You set foot.

The road that ends leads to paradise
Saint of God, help me on this day
St Georges and St Michael let it never be said
that you let me deprived of the God of love

Lord God of thanks, Lord God of Kindness
In my heart there was never place for another
Thanks, I lamb of God, who erases all faults
Grace Lady Mary to whom the Order is dedicated.

Source Ex Cathedra on YouTube, improved translation into English by TN   

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