4 New maps of Templar sites in Poitou-Charantes, France

Recently TemplarsNow added four new departments in Western France to its collection of Templar site maps. All departments are in the former Poitou-Charantes region. Check out the new maps for Charante, Charante-Maritime, Deux-Sèvres and Vienne!

France, being the homeland of the Knights Templar, still holds innumerable Templar sites and history, well worth visiting. On the website templiers.net a host of templar sites in France and their history is described in great detail. The same is true for the Project Beauceant website on templiers.org. Regrettably, these websites differ in detail, as well as number and location of Templar sites presented. Furthermore, locating the sites mentioned on modern maps is rather difficult.

Therefore, TemplarsNow runs a project which pinpoints the geographical location of Templar sites in France as indicatted on the websites mentioned on modern Google maps. TemplarsNow has already done a similar job for The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

The French maps are being constructed by combining the location information of both websites mentioned above and plotting it on modern Google-satellite maps, one per Department. In the process, the geographical location of the sites are checked, if necessary, on IGN-maps, the Cassini-map and other sources on the internet. 

Alongside locations basic textual information (usually short quotes in French) is provided, primary source being the templiers.net website. If additional information is presented, the sources are indicated per location in its description. All information is used with the intention of Fair Use. 

Obviously, these maps should mainly be seen as an elaborated and augmented representation and visualisation of the great work of others. Which is acknowledged gratefully.

All available maps can be found on this page.  

The top illustration shows an aerial view of the present day site of the Maison du Temple at Mauléon, formerly a large Commanderie with chapel and graveyard, nowadays (partly) a Gîte (B&B), 79700 Mauléon, Deux-Sèvres Department (79), source Google. The bottom illustration shows one of the old barns at this location. source. Fair Use intended.

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