Knights Templar in The Netherlands - a new map

On his website (in Dutch) Dr Ben Brus embarks on a painstaking journey to identify sites of former settlements of the Knights Templar in The Netherlands. The first version of the website was published in 2003, the 13th edition in January 2012.

At present the website of Dr Brus identifies 120 possible sites where, until destruction of the order in 1317, Knights Templar may have lived and worked, mainly in agricultural enterprises. Such sites were identified on the basis of a combination of research on geographic toponyms, archaeological field data and old documents kept in archives. Dr Brus concludes that in about one third of these sites, former presence of Knights Templar is certain or at least probable. On about 20 locations, presence is improbable. About half of the sites listed still has to be investigated.

The certain and probable sites identified by Dr Brus are presented on the map published here. The locations sometimes exact (a still existing builing or site) but more often an approximation based on the geographic description available. The text at each location indicated (in Dutch) is a quote from the website of Dr Brus.

Obviously this map must be seen as a product of the work of Dr Brus, whereas the publisher did nothing more that putting Dr Brus' data on a Google Map. So this map is only a humble contribution to the important work of Dr Brus, which is acknowledged gratefully.

Source: Sporen van de Tempelieren in Nederland - - © Ben Brus 2003-2012

Source: Sporen van de Tempelieren in Nederland - - © Ben Brus 2003-2012

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