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TemplarsNow is always looking to identify, promote and (re)distribute sources of reliable information on the Knights Templar and their time. This page presents Reliable Books on the Knights Templar and the Crusades in general. The links below will most of the time lead you to the appropriate page of As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. So by buying here, you support TemplarsNow.

Reliable Books on the Knights Templar

Books on the Knights Templar are quite common. Reliable books, without sensation and fantastic myths that show sound historical background are much less so. TemplarsNow™ is collecting titles that merit the qualification "reliable". Simply because they are based on proper scientific research. 

This library will be ever expanding when reliable books are added. Sound scientific sources are most relevant for being selected, as are our own preferences based on experience. The following list is arranged following year of publication, most recent being first. This list will keep growing. Suggestions are welcome.

Reliable Books on the Crusades

Dr Andrew Holt reported on his project to identify the "most important" books on the Crusades. He asked 34 leading medieval historians to provide their own preferential list. Their replies resulted in a list of some 150 titles.

Analyzing this as to the number of times each title had been mentioned by the scolars, Dr Holt identified "the 15 most important Books on the Crusades". The titles are shown below, including the number of times each title was mentioned.

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Anonymous said...

You should include "Templars: Who were they? Where did they come from? Where did they go?" Vol. 1 and 2 by Diana Muir. They are a compilation of all the known Templar names and are very helpful for people researching their family names

Templars Now said...

For now a quick literature scan does not suggest that these titles undoubtedly deserve a place in out list "Reliable Books".
For instance read

A quote from this source:
"Muir’s journals are so dubious that even the handpicked experts Muir and Wolter used to try to authenticate them concluded they were problematic, forcing the pair to invent a new conspiracy that Victorian copyists somehow rewrote them (in Latin), thus changing the style."

Obviously scientifically validated information may change our views.